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Our Team

Dr. Susan D. Denny, founder of Carolina Total Wellness, and Dr. Frances T. Meredith are both board-certified internal medicine physicians and certified functional medicine physicians. Blair Cuneo, PA-C, is a board-certified family medicine physician assistant who has also completed training through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Sara Yadlowsky, Clarissa Kussin and Caroline Wilson are our functional medicine certified health coaches, each with certification from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Our team helps patients create a personalized roadmap to health.

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Susan D. Denny, MD, MPH, of Carolina Total Wellness
Susan D. Denny, MD, MPH
Medical Director
Frances T. Meredith, MD, of Carolina Total Wellness
Frances T. Meredith, MD
Blair Cuneo, PA-C, RYT, RPYT, Health Coach at Carolina Total Wellness
Blair Cuneo, PA-C, RYT, RPYT
Physician Assistant
Sara Hamm, CHES, Health Coach at Carolina Total Wellness
Sara Yadlowsky, FMHC
Health Coach
Clarissa Kussin, INHC, FMHC, Health Coach at Carolina Total Wellness
Clarissa A. Kussin, FMHC, RYT500
Health Coach
 Caroline Wilson, M.Ed., FMCHC, Health Coach at Carolina Total Wellness
Caroline Wilson, M.Ed., FMHC
Health Coach
Ashley Beurer at Carolina Total Wellness
Ashley Beurer
Administrative Assistant

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